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Assessments / Property ValuesTown of Evans, NY July 1st, 2017 Final Assessment Roll.

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Are Property Tax Equalization Rates Fair?
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Town of Evans, NY Property Sales From 2008 – 2016

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Are Evans, NY Assessments Fair? Live In Highland or Lake Erie Beach, Read This!

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If you are a property owner in the Town of Evans, NY, the 2008 town wide reassessment may seen like a distant memory. It shouldn’t! Eight years later, many properties are just starting to approach their eight year old assessment. Many properties are selling  for more than their 2008 assessment but less than the “full market value” as calculated by the Town. If you live in the old Highland or Lake Erie Beach neighborhoods, chances are that you are over assessed and paying to much in property & school taxes.

Check out the recent Evans property sales [ Click Here ] to find properties similar to your property that sold for less than their 2008 assessment or 2016 “full market value”. You can used the advanced search to find properties by street of neighborhood.

If you find sales for less than “full market value”, you may want to fight your assessment.

First, check to see if you qualify for any exemptions.

Property Tax Exemptions Available To Evans Homeowners

  • Basic STAR
  • Enhanced STAR ( age 65+ with income under $84,550 )
  • Military Veterans
  • Disability & Limited Income ( households with income below $32,400 )
  • Senior Citizen ( age 65 and income below $32,400)
  • Town of Evans Residential Investment Exemption

Call the Assessors Office at 549-5752 to inquire about your eligibility. The deadline to apply for these exemptions is March 1,2016.

Uniform Percentage

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Uniform Assessments

New York State Law requires all properties to be assessed at a uniform percentage of market value each year. [ Click Here To Download The Fair Assessments PDF ] Unfortunately, under NYS Law, the Board of Assessment Review can only reduce your assessment based on recent sales. You can not argue that your neighbor’s house is bigger and better than yours but has a lower assessment. If the BAR does not reduce your assessment, you can make the above argument at the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) hearing.

Documents, Forms and Instructions on How to Challenge Your Assessment

icon RP-524 – Complaint on Real Property Assessment (54.08 kB)
icon RP-524-Ins – RP-524 Instructions for Filing (70.37 kB)
icon RPTL 730 – Small Claims Assessment Review (14.85 kB)

If you fight your assessment and get a reduced assessment, you will pay less in property taxes every year!

NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance

NYS offers many resources to assist you fight your assessment.

Erie County ORPS

Office Of Real Property Services offers real property parcel search, forms, tax maps & more.

Town of Evans

Assessment Rolls, Forms & More.