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2017 Equalization Rate To Cost Evans Taxpayers | FightYourAssessment.com

Erie County Tax Rates 2017

Erie County Tax Rates 2017

Assessment Equalization Rate

The 2017 Assessment Equalization Rate for the Town of Evans has decreased from 93% to 87%. According to the assessor, NYS uses a handful of “commercial” sales to perform the calculation. In the modern age of computers and complex computer algorithms for everything, not using all sales should be considered by state officials. Seven figure sales of commercial property are not representative of residential sales in Evans.

Erie County NY Assessment Equalization Rates

Town Assessment Needed To Have An Equalization Rate Of $150,000. (Best Estimation Based On Available Online Data)

Why Is This Important?

Grand Island recently had a town wide reassessment and has an equalization rate of 100%. In Evans, town wide reassessment was back in 2008. The current Evans equalization rate¬†is 87%. In Elma, at a equalization rate of 4.28%, the last town wide reassessment must have been back in horse and buggy days. To “fairly” calculate county property tax in all towns, the equalization rate is used. The 6% decrease in the equalization rate for Evans means a bigger share of county taxes will be paid by Evans property owners.

Recent Property Sales In Evans

Since the Evans town wide reassessment was in 2008, it’s a fair expectation that all property sales should be for more that their 2008 assessment. The problem is that many sales are for less than the 2008 assessment. Also, in Evans, the assessor calculates the current market value for each property and currents sales on many properties are still for less. Two years of hefty town tax increases is hurting sellers and buyers are not in a hurry to buy in Evans once aware of projected future town tax increases.

All data should be reviewed with the assessor before using it to fight your assessment.

What Can Property Taxpayers Do?

The Evans assessor has argued this point but the argument has fallen on deaf ears. Evans property tax owners should contact Assemblyman David DiPietro and ask him to look into this issue.