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For Sale SignWhen you challenge your assessment before the Board of Assessment Review (BAR), by NYS Law, the BAR can only consider recent property sales. You can’t argue that your neighbor’s property is bigger, better and has a lower assessment.

[ Recent Property Sales: Town of Evans, NY ]

Use the above link to view recent property sales for the Town of Evans, NY. There’s an advanced search option ( Use reset button first!) to help you locate properties by street & neighborhood. You will see basic sales information. If you register, you will be able to view additional information and a google map.

If you login as “Guest” you’ll see basic property sales data.

Evans Property Sales Guest

If you register, then login, you get access to much more information and

Evans NY Property Sales

and some very useful links.

Evans NY Property Sales

Think of it this way, if you would have challenged your assessment in 2008 and received a $1,000 reduction, at @$35 pre 1,000 times 7 years, you would have paid $235 less in taxes! And that’s for every $1,000 in reductions. If you would have goe a $10,000 rediction, that’s $2,350 saved in taxes!

Getting an assessment reduction is worth the time and effort.


DISCLAIMER: Check all sales data with the assessor’s office BEFORE your BAR hearing.